HP.1Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome
What Does a D.A.D.S. Group Do?
  • Monthly meetings with topics relevant to fathers
  • Supports local Down syndrome group fundraising events through manpower and financial resources
  • Provides ongoing communication and support for fathers
  • Creates programs, events and opportunities for fathers to become strong advocates
 Goals for D.A.D.S. Groups
  • To create a network of fathers willing to develop a program based on the needs of the men involved
  • To enhance a father’s knowledge and resources on supporting a child/teen/adult with Down syndrome
  • To enhance personal advocacy skills
  • To heighten a family’s ability to cope with unique challenges associated with Down syndrome
D.A.D.S. Mission

To assist and support through fellowship and action, the fathers and families of individuals with Down syndrome.

For more info, contact our New Parent & Family Outreach Coordinator.