Medical Outreach

Dr. Laura Cifra-Bean

DSANEO Medical Outreach – Community of Care

The primary goal of this program is to increase the knowledge of families, students, and professionals so that individuals with Down syndrome receive the best care possible.  To achieve this, we will provide accurate and up to date resources on our website, in our publications, and through webinars and educational presentations. 

We are grateful to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation for their support of Community of Care. To learn more about the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, click HERE!

DSANEO is fortunate to have our Medical Advisory Board, a group of experts with advanced knowledge and experience with Down syndrome to help guide us in our mission. The current members include:

  • Philip Barger MD
  • Laura Cifra-Bean MD
  • Alberto Costa MD, PhD
  • Irene Dietz MD
  • Katherine Koenig PhD
  • Eva Love MD
  • Craig McGhee MHA, FACHE
  • Debbie Picker M.Ed.
  • Nancy Roizen MD
  • Thomas Scheidemantel MD
  • Carl Tyler MD
  • Mary Wong MD

We are also supported by our families and self-advocates who are eager to share their experiences and insights. Our Medical Outreach Director, Laura Cifra-Bean MD, has over 25 years experience as a general pediatrician and has an adult son with Down syndrome. 

NEW! “New Healthcare Guidelines” Grand Rounds presented by Laura Cifra-Bean MD & Kishore Vellody MD – Watch HERE

Please contact Dr Cifra-Bean at to set up an educational presentation or for assistance finding resources about a topic related to Down syndrome.

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