School Age (Ages 5-17)

DSANEO Contact: Gina Mitchner, Education Director

How DSANEO can help:
  • Down Syndrome Northeast Ohio Parent to Parent Network – connect with other DSANEO families on Facebook
  • DS+ – our group for families of a person with Down syndrome and autism
  • Family Grants
  • Parent Education Programs
  • Moms Night Out – providing support and monthly outings with moms in NEO
  • D.A.D.S. – Dads Appreciating Down syndrome, providing support and monthly gatherings throughout NEO
  • Grandparents Group – Monthly meetings at the DSANEO office
  • La Familia a Familia – our Spanish language Facebook group
  • SibShop – program designed for siblings age 7-12
  • Reading & Math Enrichment – programs for every age level
  • DS101 – free training for educators and school staff about Down syndrome
  • IEP Assistance
  • Peer Presentations – designed to ensure inclusion in your child’s classroom

Advocating & Negotiating for your child in the schools – Check out this webinar conducted 8/9/2023