Assessment & Diagnosis of Down Syndrome Regression Disorder: International Expert Consensus

“Regression in Persons with Down Syndrome” published in “Frontiers in Neurology,” a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This article delves into the phenomenon of regression in individuals with Down Syndrome, exploring its clinical features, potential causes, and treatment strategies. It’s a scholarly piece likely aimed at a professional audience, including researchers, clinicians, and healthcare providers, offering in-depth insights into this specific aspect of Down Syndrome.

DSMIG-USA: Regression in Persons with Down Syndrome

This PDF document is from the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group – USA (DSMIG-USA). The document is titled “Regression in Persons with Down Syndrome.” It appears to be a resource aimed at providing information about regression in individuals with Down syndrome, discussing its characteristics, potential causes, and approaches to management or intervention. This type of document is likely valuable for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and families who are seeking to understand and address issues related to sudden or gradual loss of cognitive, social, and/or adaptive skills in persons with Down syndrome.