Special Topics

Atlantoaxial instability in Children with Down syndrome


Helping Babies with Down Syndrome Learn to Breastfeed

La Leche League International – Breastfeeding Your Baby with Down syndrome

Children’s Minnesota – Breastfeeding an infant with Down syndrome

Breastfeeding & Down Syndrome

Julia’s Way: Breastfeeding & Down Syndrome

Dental care

NDSS – Dental Issues & Down syndrome

Dual diagnosis

Kennedy Krieger Institute – Down syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A look at what we know

Growth charts

CDC: Growth Charts for Children with Down syndrome

Healthcare Transition

American College of Physicians: Pediatric to Adult Care Transitions Toolkit

Got Transition: Federally-funded national resource center on healthcare transition

American Academy of Pediatrics: Supporting the Healthcare Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood in the Medical Home

National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit, for Young Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities & their Primary Care Team

Got Transition: Special Populations Resources & Research 

Got Transition: Integrating Young Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Into Your Practice. Tips for Adult Health Care Clinicians

Heart Disease

American Heart Association: Congenital Heart Defects


Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh: Down Syndrome Podcast Series

Birth Control/Menstrual hygiene

Adult Down Syndrome Center: Menstrual Hygiene 

Adult Down Syndrome Center: Birth Control in Women with Down syndrome

Potty training

Potty Training: A Journey to Successful Toilet Training 


DSMIG-USA: Regression in Persons with Down Syndrome

Assessment & Diagnosis of Down Syndrome Regression Disorder: International Expert Consensus

Social stories


Woman’s Health

Adult Congenital Heart Association: Birth Control for Women with Congenital Heart Disease

Adult Down Syndrome Center: Menopause in Women with Down syndrome

Adult Down Syndrome Center: What is the Effect of Menopause on Cognition in women with Down syndrome

Management of Contraceptives & menstrual complaints in patients with Down syndrome 


Adult Down Syndrome Center: Helping Children & Adults with Down syndrome to cope with grief

University of Hertfordshire: Managing Grief Better: People with Intellectual Disabilities 

Disability Rights History

Olmstead Rights: The_Americans_with_Disabilities_Act_of_1990_ADA

ABLE accounts/ special needs trust

Family Resource Center of Ohio: Special Trusts & ABLE accounts

Guardianship/POA/living will

Disability Rights Ohio: Guardianship, Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio Legal Help

Health Insurance

The Ohio Legislature: Termination of Coverage of Child


Adult Down Syndrome Center: The Groove

Medical Training

University of Michigan Medical School Center for Disability Health & Wellness


National Resource Center for Aging with Disability

Spanish Resources


Down21-Libros Recomendados

Down Espana

Mi hijo con sindrome de down – hermanos

Mass General Patient Resources

Down Syndrome Pregnancy – Materials in Spanish

NADS – Espanol

NIH – Sindrome de Down

Assure Brochure – Desarrollo físico del bebé

Pacer Center – Entendiendo el Sistema de Intervención Temprana

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Resources in Spanish