Sunburst Enterprises

DSANEO is proud to announce the launch of SUNBURST ENTERPRISES and it’s first endeavor, SUNBURST SNACKS!

SUNBURST ENTERPRISES is part of the Adult Employment Initiative designed to prepare, connect and employ adults with Down syndrome across Northeast Ohio.

This paid position, offered in 12-week sessions, will provide employees (“Team Members”) the opportunity to develop essential skills for the workplace through the operation of a small snack-box business.

Team Members will plan, purchase, assemble and deliver curated boxes in a variety of flavors and gain experience in marketing, sales, networking and communications. Team Members will have the option to continue for multiple sessions if they choose.

Sunburst Snacks are available for purchase and our team is ready to come out to your business with our pop-up shop. To learn more, contact Will Sanborn, Adult Employment Coordinator at (216) 447-8763 ext. 150 or

Click HERE to order your Sunburst Snacks!